Hydrangeas and Tulips-WSP

Hydrangeas and Tulips-WSP

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Two Projects in One Worksheet pack
Worksheet pack with step by step directions on how to paint both Hydrangeas and a Multimedia Tulip design using wOils or Plaid FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic paint


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wOil Colors-

White Permanent


Cadmium Yellow Light

Alizarin Crimson

Sap Green

Phthalo Yellow Green

Dioxazine Purple

Fast Dry Medium

Multi Surface Colors-

Titanium White


Berry Wine

Lime Green

Sap Green

Daffodil Yellow

Violet Pansy

Floating Medium


10” x 10” Wrapped Canvas (Hydrangea)
11” x 14” Wrapped Canvas (Tulips)
Sponge Painters
Plaid® Layering Stencil - Butterfly #13233

Weber Donna Dewberry Acrylic Professional Brush Set

Weber Donna Dewberry wOil Student Brush Set