Skill Builder 007 - Fruit - Downloadable Video Lesson and Booklet

Skill Builder 007 - Fruit - Downloadable Video Lesson and Booklet

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Fruit until it's coming out of your ears - this seventh lesson in the Skill Builder program, SB007 - Fruit, is packed full.  Fruit is a very popular element of design whether enjoy painting it or find it challenging, and Donna's way makes it fun and easy to do.

Purchase includes downloadable video and accompanying booklet with free domestic shipping.  International shipping charges apply.  NOTE:  If you are pursuing One Stroke Instructor Certification using the Skill Builder Program you must engage with a Dewberry U Faculty Member.  Purchase of all  Skill Builder Supply Kits and Level 1 Certification Kit is required for the certification program as well.  No exceptions.

Submit the completed projects and assignments to Dewberry U for critique and if you pass, you'll receive a certificate of completion.  Be sure to include your mailing address and phone number on any correspondence.  Submit assignments and projects to Purchasing the paint kit and tool kit (sold separately) is required to receive a critique from Donna and certificate upon passing.  

To complete a Skill Builder and receive a corresponding certificate from Dewberry U, you must send pictures of all finished assignments found in the Skill Builder booklet.


**Please make note: All online lessons and Skill Builder booklets purchased are non-refundable