Flower of the Month Kit - Let's Paint 2019 with Donna Dewberry

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Learn to paint each month's birth flower using the FolkArt One Stroke method developed by Donna Dewberry!

In the interactive Let's Paint Flowers of the Month how-to video series, Donna Dewberry will break down her famous One Stroke method while demonstrating how to paint the birth flower of each month! This 36-piece kit includes:

  • 12 full-color Reusable Teaching Guides, one for each lesson
  • Exclusive, limited-edition storage folder featuring artwork painted and signed by Donna Dewberry herself
  • 12 FolkArt Multi-Surface acrylic paint colors—including customer favorites Dioxazane Purple and Prussian Blue!
  • FolkArt One Stroke 10 piece beginner brush pack
  • FolkArt Floating Medium
  • FolkArt Home Decor sponge
  • Purchased separately, kit components would retail for $149.99

 By Donna Dewberry