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Skill Builder: Simple Strokes 1 SB002

Skill Builder: Simple Strokes 1 SB002

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This Skill Builder is one of the first building blocks needed to learn the quick and easy One Stroke technique. This is the first of three “Simple Stroke” Skill Builders, each will concentrate on a couple of techniques, so you can learn the correct methods as well as see how many applications the strokes can have.
You’ll be surprised to see all you can do with just a few “Simple Strokes”.
As with the First “Skill Builder” this is a continuation of building a strong foundation. Remember, building the proper foundation will make all the other skills much easier to accomplish. Practice, practice, practice, will create great habits that will eventually become second nature. We know that this skill may seem very basic, please pay close attention to the finest detail when preparing to be graded. Your instructor will be looking at every part of your demonstrations and will be very precise in grading. It is so important that you fully understand the fundamentals. We want to be sure you learn the basics correctly from the very beginning!
This skill will also help you with your teaching and mentoring skills. You will be able to easily identify and correct problems when you see them and help others with their dreams. Sometimes it’s that little detail that makes all the difference! Have Fun!!
How to Complete Skill Builders
The best way to be successful with the Dewberry U educational program is to consult with your Instructor from the Dewberry U Faculty. Your Instructor will be an invaluable source for coaching and mentoring. They will have many tips and resources to help you be successful. To find a Dewberry U faculty instructor please visit our find a teacher page. Please make sure you select yes under "DewU Faculty Member?" option.
The Lesson and Evaluating Fees are standard with Dewberry U, not set by your Instructor. Your instructor will have the current pricing information available.
1. Purchase the Skill Builder Lesson from a qualified Dewberry U Faculty Instructor or online at Dewberry Crafts.
2. Each Skill Builder will have a unique serial number.
3. Discuss the best path to complete this Skill Builder with your instructor
4. It is always best to review the entire lesson first, to get familiarized with the course.
5. Gather all the supplies listed on the Supply List.
6. Complete all the Skill Builder requirements. The length of time this will take will vary with each individual.
7. Make an appointment to evaluate and document your completion, with the Dewberry U Faculty Instructor you purchased the Skill Builder.
8. There is no time limit on your completion, though your Instructor will follow up with you regularly.
Note: Additional fees may be incurred if you decide to attend “in-studio” classes to complete your requirements. Options can be discussed with your instructor.