Downloadable Video Lessons (Pre-Recorded)

Downloadable pre-recorded videos of previously held live online One Stroke painting lessons.  They are NOT a DVD that we mail to you or something you receive in the regular mail.  They are digital video files that can be watched on a computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.   Pricing is based on length of video - each video lesson length may vary from 1 to 4 hours.

After completing purchase, a link to download the video file* is provided.  It is also email if you choose not to download immediately.  The file, once downloaded, may typically be found in a folder named Downloads on your computer or device.  Please look there before requesting support.

All online video lessons are non-refundable once purchased.

Also, VERY IMPORTANT if you delete your download from your device, you download it to, there is a fee should you need to have it resent again as we do NOT do this in house and we pay an outside company to resend these codes to our customers. So, we suggest you download it to a "FLASH DRIVE" as well as your device.


*Please Note:  Any reference to patterns, pictures or other files having been emailed to participants in a downloadable video does not apply to purchased recording customers.  Those items were only sent to the original class students when the video was made as a "LIVE" class taken.

PLEASE NOTE:  Everyone’s devices are different, and One Stroke technical support does not include solving issues with personal technology set ups.  Search the internet for specific instructions on how to download videos to iPads if the download isn't coming through.  Some iPads let videos download with no issue, some have security that prevents it and require a special App to do the download, of which there are several, so we don’t make recommendations.  Others require that you put the video on a computer or laptop and then transfer the video to the iPad through a USB cord. 

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