Education - Oversized Canvas Certification

Are you terrified to paint on anything larger than a 16x20 canvas?  Don't know where to start on something large enough to go over a sofa, mantel or headboard?  Interested in building a business around selling large paintings?  Then the Oversize Canvas Certification is for you!

Bring a design/picture of florals that you have always dreamed of painting. Donna or one of her Certifying Elite or above instructors will help that dream come true as you will learn how to paint large oversize floral designs on a oversize canvas. You will learn how to do backgrounds, how to layout designs, how to paint oversize and still get blending,shading and highlighting in each stroke. Marketing, pricing and selling your art will also be discussed in this course and much more!

This course will include 2 Large Canvases (30"x40" each) for your oversize design which will be for 1 painting design (combined 60"x40"). 


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