Education - OSCI Level 3 Certification

This certification will introduce concepts such as Color Blending and Mixing, Color Shades, Tints and Values, Palette/Painting Knives, Texture, Landscapes and Basic Oversize Strokes. This course is designed for those who have successfully completed the One Stroke Certified Instructor Course Levels 1 and 2. It will be a fast pace course. You will learn the following subjects and leave with completed projects for display or class samples.

Some of The Topics Covered:

  • Understanding and Completing a Color Wheel
  • Blending Colors with a Palette Knife or a Brush
  • Creating Texture with Painting Knives
  • How and Why of Using Long-Handled Brushes
  • Landscape Design with Perspective and Color Values
  • Using the Fan Brush
  • and much more...
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