Education - OSCI Level 2 Certification

This certification will bring your painting to a new level. It is designed to improve your stroke work and help you to recognize where you need to improve. You will learn how to self-critique your work and what is causing the mistakes. By recognizing your errors, you learn how to fix them. But you have to be able to see the mistake first. This course is designed for those who have successfully completed the One Stroke Certified Instructor Course. It will be a fast pace course. You will learn the following subjects and leave with completed projects for display or class samples.

Some of The Topics Covered:

  • Sliding and Flipping to create Iris, Tulip, Leaves, and the Flip Leaf
  • Rolling the Brush to create Peony, Hibiscus, and Turned Leaves
  • Scrollwork including using the Round and Filbert brush, loading the brush, Tuscan-style scrollwork and liner work
  • Business Training
  • Learn how to critique yourself
  • Learn how to critique students work
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