Education - OSCI Level 1 Certification

Become a Certified Teacher of the One Stroke™ Technique. FolkArt One Stroke™ is the painting technique that has captivated beginning painters - and intrigued experienced painters- around the world!

This certification starts you in your One Stroke career. Successfully completing this certification allows you to teach official One Stroke classes. The certification will not only train you in how to teach One Stroke; it will give you information on how to start a business teaching One Stroke and on how to sell your talent. The focus of this certification is to teach you the process of One Stroke Painting. You learn HOW to teach, not how to paint pretty. Pretty painting comes with practice.

Whether you are keen on starting your own business teaching painting classes or just getting that One Stroke Certification you've always wanted, this course provides the opportunity to reach your goals. Learn the One Stroke painting technique and how to instruct, promote, and start a business using this phenomenal method. If you’d love to teach the One Stroke painting technique, plan to join either designer Donna Dewberry or one of her Certifying Elites for a course designed to certify teachers in this exciting art form. All surfaces, supplies and instructional notebook are included.

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