Education - wOil Certification

These wonderful wOils from ChartPak will amaze you. They clean up with water and they don’t have that noxious odor. They typically dry in 3 to 5 days and, even better, you can use and mix acrylics with them. All of these aspects make the wOils very appealing to everyone who tries them!

We will try to do anything we can do to help you realize your goals. When we initiated this Certification, the one thing we felt was more important than anything else, was that the people being certified could expect continued support in whatever they decided to do. It is our desire to help you realize those goals and to assist you in promoting yourself and the wOil technique.

We are glad you are considering joining us in the world of wOils -- we are working with an amazing company, ChartPak. creators of the wOil line. They have such vision for our future. So join us on the first step in this journey and attend a certification near you. You will be glad you did!

This certification will teach the first level of paint with wOils. It introduces the tools and techniques for working with the wOils with projects in florals and landscapes, as well as object lessons in perspective, depth, vantage points, composition, layout and so much more.

Additional levels of wOil certification will be introduced in the future. wOil Certified Instructors are encouraged and permitted to teach others the painting projects that are part of the wOil Certification.

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